どこかハワイの街にも似たサーフタウン湘南にSTRAPPLE OHANAが誕生!!

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STRAPPLE is the coined word that combined ‘STRIKE’ & ‘GRAPPLE’, and it is the name of martial arts academy which was founded by Naoyuki Taira who learned Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu from Carley Gracie.
In Hawaiian, OHANA means family in the broadest sense of the word. Family and friends are supporting & helping each other. By the same token, nobody cannot become strong in martial arts without support.
We hope STRAPPLE OHANA become the place where people can make a good relationship like a family, and hope each can make the most out of life with Jiu-Jitsu.
STRAPPLE OHANA is not just a dojo aimed at the experts, is the dojo aims to enhance physical fitness and/or teach self-defense. Primary aim is to maintain good health and fulfilling life.



Masada (BJJ black belt, Karate black belt, Judo black belt)
Masada learned baseball and karate from his childhood. He had great physical strength & athletic ability in junior high school baseball team, he was scouted by a high school wrestling club. He dedicated himself to wrestling in high school, and he was scouted by Yamanashi Gakuin University which is well known in the sports and martial art fields. He won the prefectural championship for three consecutive years, and won the Kinki region championship, also won the 3rd prize in team competition. At this susceptible age, he was also absorbed in surfing, and had some overseas surf trips and expanded his view of the world.
After graduating from University, he joined in Seido Jiu-Jitsu class headed by Naoyuki Taira. Masada was chosen to a wrestling coach/MMA second based on his expertise in the field of wrestling. While doing coaching job, he also won several prizes in various competitions such as Grappling, Jiu-Jitsu. He was awarded BJJ black belt by Naoyuki Taira when he won the gold medal in the senior class at the Asia tournament 2006.